Julia Michaels Explains Why Performing is a "Magical Feeling"


Julia Michaels absolutely killed it at the Daytime Village presented by Capital One at our iHeartRadio Music Festival last weekend. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter took the stage in Las Vegas to perform her breakout single 'Issues,' as well as a medley of songs she's written for other hugely successful artists. During her performance of the song that made her a solo star, though, the singer held the microphone out to the massive crowd and they enthusiastically sang the lyrics of 'Issues' back to her. The grin on Michaels' face in the Instagram video below truly says it all. 


Michaels sat down with Maxwell from Z100 during Daytime Village (in a ball pit, because, why not?) to talk about what it's really like to perform in front of such a huge crowd. "It's surreal...going up there and having them sing the words back," she explained. "I put up the mic and they know all the words and it's the most magical feeling on the planet. I feel like I'm flying and planted still at the same time." 

Michaels is looking forward to the new year more than ever now, because she's heading out on tour with Shawn Mendes next fall. It's not just her first tour ever, but her first arena tour. She'll be able to sing in front of huge crowds lovingly singing her lyrics back to her every night. Now that sounds like a great way to spend 2018! 


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