Hey Violet Reveals the Backstory of Their Song 'Hoodie'

If you haven't heard Hey Violet's song 'Hoodie' yet, what are you even doing here? Go listen to their amazing jam and then come back here to learn the surprising origin of the song. While watching Hey Violet perform this song at Daytime Village brought to you by Capital One at our iHeartRadio Music Festival, it appears that lead singer Rena Lovelis has a deep connection to the song. She even puts on an actual black hoodie during the performance, as well. With such intimate details in the lyrics, such as "I kept the broken zipper / and cigarette burns" and "the smell of your cologne is still on it," some fans might believe she's singing about a really personal experience. It turns out, though, that she's really not. 


The four-piece band revealed to Maxwell in an interview during Daytime Village that the song was actually brought to them by somebody else. Despite not writing the song, Hey Violet revealed that they instantly connected to the lyrics. "Right when we heard it we knew that this was the one song we need to play," Rena said. "It totally [connects]." You can tell from the band's passionate performances of this song that they really do identify with 'Hoodie' in such a personal way. (Honestly, same.) 

Even though Rena has never kept an ex's hoodie, she did say that she has kept some other things. Well, now we're wondering what relationship relics the Hey Violet singer has held on too. Maybe we learn even more about the band's personal experiences on their upcoming second album. They're heading into the studio soon to get started on new music. Until then, though, we'll be blasting their first album From the Outside on repeat. 


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