Unbelievable! Johnjay's Wife Rescued A Dog On Her Way To The #iHeartVillage

Most people can go their life without ever seeing a stray dog, but Johnjay's wife Blake, who of course works with him on #LovePup to rescue animals and find them caring homes, wound up rescuing another on her way to see him in the #LovePup tent at the iHeartRadio Festival Daytime Village presented by Capital One.  

Johnjay filled us in on exactly what went down:


Blake being Blake, she happened to have an extra collar and leash which she used to get the dog off the street and bring him (and the pee-pee pads she bought) backstage at the Village. 

Here's what happens next:


Remember, if you want to adopt a puppy through #LovePup, head here!


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