Confirmed: Niall Horan is the Nicest Guy in Show Business

We've all heard horror stories about fans having bad experiences when they meet their favorite celebrities. One artist who will never let his fans down, though, is Niall Horan. He's one of the most famous (and busiest!) men in the world right now, yet he always manages to make time for his fans.  He was able to spontaneously greet fans backstage at our iHeartRadio Daytime Village and we can now confirm that he's truly the nicest guy in show business. 


Niall took selfies with a bunch of lucky fans backstage, happy to greet them and give them big hugs. We were honestly kind of jealous of everybody who got to hang out with Niall at our iHeartRadio Daytime Village. It was so apparent to everybody around that he truly loves being able to connect with his fans on such a personal level. (You know those pictures are going to get so many likes on Instagram, too!)


He even gave one of his littles fans tickets to night two of our iHeartRadio Music Festival and her reaction is literally everything. We are so lucky to have such a kind hearted artist like Niall around to make fans' festival experiences even more memorable. 


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