Khalid Reveals Why He's Nervous To Perform At iHeartRadio Daytime Village


In an interview with 106 KMEL's Sana G and DC, Khalid spoke about his rising fame, haters, backstage jitters, music and much more. 

If you didn't already know, the singer/songwriter is performing at the 2017 iHeartRadio Daytime Village in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday (Sept. 23). Khalid has made a huge impression on the music industry in the short time that he's been a part of it. So, of course, iHeartRadio had to bring the star onboard to perform for us and his fans!

As excited as Khalid is to perform at the concert, he admitted to Sana G and DC that he's very nervous about the show, too. "It's nerve-racking because I look at myself and I'm a fan of many," the star said. "So, I get to sing around [people] or those people get to listen to me and they get to watch me, as well. Not just my fans, but other artists and I think that's so cool... I'm super excited and it's going to be nerve-racking. I always get nervous." 

Be sure to check out Khalid's performance at the 2017 iHeartRadio Daytime Village. This will be the first year the show will be live-streamed! Other stars who'll be hitting the stage -- and making Khalid nervous -- are Migos, Bebe Rexha, Little Mix, French Montana, Halsey and more. 

Read more information about the exciting concert here

Watch Khalid's entire interview with 106 KMEL above. 

Photo: YouTube/106 KMEL


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