Watch Alessia Cara Crash Sabrina Carpenter's Interview (VIDEO)


At the iHeartRadio Music Festival, there's one thing you need to know: Always expect the unexpected. And you may see many of those great surprises on stage, but there are a lot of awesome moments that happen backstage too. Like crashing interviews -- which happened several times this year, one of them being Alessia Cara showing up during a live YouNow broadcast with Sabrina Carpenter.

Yup. It happened. Sabrina was backstage doing a live interview on YouNow and singing random comments from fans, which morphed into a riveting song called "Oy." Then, all of a sudden, Alessia crept up behind Sabrina and crashed the interview/broadcast/"Oy"-singing.

Alessia then joined the broadcast, and they both continued to sing comments that fans on YouNow were writing to them. We know ... FOMO.

Watch Alessia Cara crash Sabrina Carpenter's live YouNow broadcast above!


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