The Chainsmokers Bringing Daya Onstage Gives Us All The Feels

The Chainsmokers never disappoint with their mixes and the Daytime Village was another awesome performance from the duo. The Chainsmokers know how to pump up the crowd, always having people dancing and jumping during their set. 

The show started off with the most epic streamers being released onto the #iHeartVillage crowd! And how could it not be a Chainsmokers show without Drew jumping off the DJ booth. Seriously, how does he land every single time?! 


Then when Drew grabbed the mic to sing "Closer" everyone went crazy!  There aren't enough heart emojis in the world to describe how we felt when that song came on. 

But the best surprise of all was seeing Daya come back onstage to sing "Don't Let Me Down," with the duo. A great way to end the set! 

We all know The Chainsmokers kill it onstage, but we know you want the real gossip on these two. Well one of these two guys admitted to a Britney Spears song turning him into a "man." Can't guess who?! Check out this interview with iHeartRadio personality Enrique Santos to find out the details! 


Photo: Andrew Swartz/ The Owyoungs


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