WHAT'S IN THE STIMULUS BILL? $2 trillion bill has A LOT MORE than corona...

< br />The Senate passed a $2 Trillion stimulus bill yesterday with a unanimous vote, now sending the legislation to the House. It's designed to blunt the negative effects of today's coronavirus pandemic felt by workers, employers, businesses, and the overall economy. But what's actually inside? Answer: a whole LOT more than just COVID-19 relief. Here are just a FEW examples:

The JFK Center of Performing Arts will receive $25 Million for operations and maintenance to "prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus domestically AND internationally" ? Are they moving the center to Madagascar? And why are performing artists...who aren't currently performing...getting millions more relief than the local plumber who lives down the street? The National Foundation on Arts and Humanities gets 75 MILLION for the same reasons. Howard University will receive $13 Million to help students cover the costs of "disruptions" caused by coronavirus. The Tiny Findings Child Development Center is getting taken care of as well...it's a childcare center INSIDE the Capitol Building... And $48 Million to the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program...but why isn't "shelter in place" enough risk avoidance for now?! That's just a sampling. Watch the full clip to see what other gems are inside this EXPENSIVE bill.

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