Hysterical: The left is having the wrong debate about 3D-printed guns

A federal judge ruled Tuesday night to temporarily block the release of blueprints to make 3D-printed guns.

In June, a Texas-based gun rights organization called Defense Distributed reached a settlement with the U.S. government to legally post blueprints for 3D-printable guns. Cody Wilson, the founder of Defense Distributed, first posted designs for a 3D-printed handgun in 2013 but was forced by the U.S. government to remove the posts.

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Wilson sued the federal government in 2015, and the suit was settled in June. On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Lasnik blocked the settlement, stating, "There is a possibility of irreparable harm because of the way these guns can be made."

Catch Glenn Beck's interview with Cody Wilson here.

On Wednesday's show, Glenn pointed out that while the left is focused on attacking the Second Amendment over 3D-printed guns, the real conversation should be about the First Amendment right to publish controversial materials.

"We have seen recently the left's allegiance to the First Amendment seems to apply only to leftist controversial texts or actions. They feel differently about the texts or material that have its origins in the right. For example, the distribution of the plans for 3D-printed guns," Glenn said. "At the heart of this whole ideological standoff is an important idea … this isn't about the Second Amendment, this is about the First Amendment. This is about free speech."

He also noted the importance of protecting copyrights and patents — another conversation no one else is having:

Watch the video clip below to get the full explanation.

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