‘CNN doesn’t want to go on the record’: Glenn chides MSM for Cohen-Trump narrative

President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, released a secret recording of a conversation in which the two appear to be discussing hush money for former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims to have had an affair with Donald Trump in 2010.

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The recording, which aired on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" Tuesday night, does not definitively answer the question whether then-candidate Trump directed Cohen to pay make payments to McDougal two months before the 2016 presidential election because the audio is muddled and unclear. Though Trump can be heard using the word "cash," the meaning behind the word's use is still a matter of dispute on both sides.

Did Trump say "Pay in cash" or did he say "Don't pay in cash"? The truth is no one knows, but the mainstream media is spinning the story to sound as though this tape is the ultimate smoking gun against Trump.

"Micheal Cohen is a sleazeball with a capital S and we know that," said Glenn on today's show. "But the media also knows that ultimately no one will care. So what did they do? They concentrated on this one line that sounded most guilty."

"Why isn't there a transcript included with the audio? Why CNN? I mean is there really a clear dispute over what was said there?" added Glenn. "The vast majority of the media is reporting this as if Trump said 'Pay in cash' because it sounds more guilty if that's what he said."

Watch the clip below to hear Glenn Beck's take on this latest development in the Trump-Cohen feud.

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

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