Californistan DMV audit shows government waste and incompentence at its finest

There are three things certain in life. Death, taxes… and an absolute guarantee that anything government controlled or ran is going to suck. Badly. It's a fundamental principle of life, and the United States used to get that. Take any industry, business or department and it'll run better in the hands of private ownership 10 times out of 10.

Take for example the VA. Do you think we'd have any problems at all if the government turned over the management of the VA to a private company? That would literally solve all the problems with the care and well being of our heroes. So why hasn't this been proposed? Why hasn't some wealthy entrepreneur or corporation brought his forward? The government continues to let us down here. It's time we spoke up and said to the government you're fired. We'll take it from here.

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But it's a lot more than just the VA. Governments - federal, state and local - can't run anything correctly. The People's Republic of Californistan is figuring that out this morning. The California State Auditor just released a report of their findings after a 12 month audit of state employees. One employee at the DMV was discovered that she slept at her desk every… single… day. The auditor found that this employee wasted 2,200 work hours between 2014 and 2017. Now get this. When she couldn't perform the job, she wasn't fired, she was just transferred to another position. And she still continues to sleep at her desk. She receives a paycheck from the State of California to this day. Think about that every time you go to the DMV and wonder why it takes so long.

The audit goes on. They found that some state employees had actually used funds to build a tiki bar on the back of a state owned building. Two other government employees, at a different location, wasted fifty one hundred hours and cost the state over one hundred thousand dollars in salary for work not performed. Would any of this be allowed to continue at a private company? Of course not. They'd be fired in a heartbeat.

Remember all this as the new Left tries to sell you on the wonders of guaranteed employment, universal healthcare and the glories of Socialism.

Remember all this as the new Left tries to sell you on the wonders of guaranteed employment, universal healthcare and the glories of Socialism. They want the entire country to look like the VA and DMV. And the sad thing is that their voices, no matter how misguided, are actually the loudest and most heard in the country right now. Where are all the conservatives or libertarians with ideas on how to turn over the VA to a private company, the DMV to a properly run business, and - here's a thought - any building in D.C. that has the words "Department of" over it's front door.

How has the new left found a way to actually sell modern day Socialism? A system that hasn't worked anytime it's ever been tried. A system that ultimately leads to the enslavement of its people. Our biggest problem (conservatives) is that we haven't figured out how to sell conservatism to the younger generation. We better figure it out now before the California DMV becomes the U.S. Federal Government.

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