Cognitive Dissonance: Postmodern Leftists continue to bully their own

Nobody likes a bully. Even bullies dislike bullies. They dislike themselves — that's part of the reason they're bullies to begin with. They feel nothing and they want other people to feel the same. The Left has especially made it their mission to eradicate bullying, which is noble, but they tend to be blind to or unaware of their own habitual bullying.

Well, ideologically speaking.

Because, as we've seen, they will bully anyone who even remotely disagrees with their rigorous code of conduct, even their fellow leftists.

As if we needed more examples, Arizona congressional candidate Anna Kirkpatrick, who is a Democrat, was booed, repeatedly— you could even say, bullied — for condemning Rep. Maxine Waters' recent calls for people to bully Trump administration officials. Yes, she was bullied for stating that bullying is wrong. Kirkpatrick was heckled and booed again when she raised her hand in support of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Here's a sample:

What explains this increasingly pervasive cognitive dissonance?

In a word, postmodernism. Obviously, the issue is incredibly complex, but incidents like the one in Arizona will only continue to perplex and annoy us until we get to the root of the problem, which, as I said, is exceedingly complicated, but it's important to understand. We will be examining it in great detail more often so that you can spot it. Once you know what it is, you'll see it everywhere.

It's the foundation of modern leftism — it was designed by radical leftists and nearly every single one of its followers is radically left-leaning. It's what allows for the nonsensical world that they have created around them. As Stephen Hicks writes in Explaining Postmodernism:

Postmodernism is not a leap of faith for the academic Left, but instead a clear-eyed political strategy that uses relativism but does not believe it.

This relativism is what allows them to get away with unabashed contradiction. Hicks, again:

Contradiction is a psychological form of destruction, but contradictions sometimes do not matter psychologically to those who live them, because for them ultimately nothing matters.

Postmodernists have developed a system without any logic or reason.

Postmodernists have developed a system without any logic or reason. It's the political and cultural equivalent of a boxer putting razor blades in his boxing gloves. Much of what allows them to get away with it is their crafty use of rhetoric, part of what Hicks describes as Machiavellian postmodernism. He writes, "Machiavellian postmodernists say they want equal respect for all cultures, but what they really want in the long run is to suppress the liberal capitalist one."

That's it. That's what's behind all of it. Leftists want to take down capitalism and the Western world and conservativism, and they'll do whatever they can to accomplish that delusional goal. But, if we're not careful, that delusion will become a reality. Bullying will become the norm, and the bullies won't stop until the world as we know it is smoldering on the ground.

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