Apocalypse Later: Net neutrality was the end of the world, but was the Left ever in danger?

How are you dealing with the apocalypse? Is it as terrifying for you as you imagined? Have the planes fallen from the sky? Have the skyscrapers fallen over like dead trees? Are people resorting to cannibalism or, worse, capitalism?

Those are the words of your average leftist fatalist. They think the apocalypse happened on December 14, 2017, when the FCC repealed net neutrality—they didn't realize that the apocalypse did not in fact happen because they've bunkered themselves into a safe room and pulled their Women's March beanie over their eyes.

Flashback: People Are Freaking out Over Net Neutrality. What Should I Know?

I'm only slightly joking, too. If you used the internet in November and December of last year, especially social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit, you were inundated with alarmist rhetoric about how repealing net neutrality would be a death blow to modern civilization—for a solid month, the entirety of Reddit was full of these appeals. The ACLU warned the repeal could lead to "erosion of the biggest free speech platform the world has ever known."

Net neutrality was one of Obama's supposed achievements. It would ensure that the internet remained free and open…by being regulated by the government. When net neutrality was repealed, it was like Trump being elected all over again—how were they ever going to get their DRUMPF BAD cartoons ever again! Then there was Kavanaugh! And tax cuts! Guys, it's been a tough few years for them. They can't handle this much American greatness. Go easy on them. Or at least wait, don't ask them to start acting like adults until after their daily naptime and their apple juice in a sippy cup.

The ultimate irony is that people on the left can complain about internet censorship at all.

The ultimate irony is that people on the left can complain about internet censorship at all. Their voices aren't being silenced online, but conservative voices are. Just ask Ben Shapiro or Dave Rubin, who regularly have their videos de-monetized by YouTube for expressing "controversial content." Here's Dave Rubin's on-point take on the matter:

Imagine what would happen if YouTube did the same to The Young Turks or Linda Sarsour. Well, actually, I know what the left would have to say about it. They'd see it as the end of all mankind. The apocalypse, for real this time.

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