The Washington Post just 'ate the onion'

There's a slang term for people who fall for satirical news. We say, of someone who fell for satire news like the Onion or Clickhole, that they "ate the onion." Typically, anyone who "eats the onion" is the object of derision. The implication is that they are too self-righteous or unhip to get the joke, or that they're getting worked up over nothing. Most of the time, the phrase refers to people on Facebook or Twitter. Well, the Washington Post ate the onion.

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In an article titled, "In honor of Trump visit, Brits launch campaign to lift 'American Idiot' to top of the charts," The Washington Post cited an article, titled "Enough Time Has Passed To Reveal George W. Bush Was The 'American Idiot' (By Billie Joe Armstrong)," with satirical Website as their source.

The article itself details the outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome in England ahead of President Trump's visit, in protest of which people throughout England have begun to buy copies of Green Day's 2004 album American Idiot, all of which is actually far more ridiculous and more absurd than the Times' improper attribution. At least that was an honest mistake. What excuse do all these angry English protesters have?

Life in the age of humorless gets more interesting by the day.

An editor's note has been added to the article: "A previous version of this report included information about the meaning of "American Idiot" that was attributed to a article. is a satire site. The information has been removed from the story."

Life in the age of humorless gets more interesting by the day.

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