Drop the label: There's something more important than being 'conservative'

Listen, you can hear it. Bickering. Constant bickering. Nonstop. Worse than a squeaky wheel. The conservative pundits say that we need a conservative Supreme Court Justice, that President Trump's legacy depends on it, that our country will crumble without a conservative Justice. Meanwhile, the liberal pundits say that Trump is Hitler and he plans to resurrect Judas specifically for the role, or something like that.

Rich Noyes, a senior editor at Media Research Center noted:

As with all recent Republican nominees, reporters will repeatedly label them as "conservative," which will nicely reinforce the Democrats' strategy to paint them as outside "the mainstream."

One study found that "Roberts, Alito and Gorsuch were called "conservative" 36 times on ABC, CBS and NBC within 24 hours of their nomination, while Sotomayor, Kagan and Garland were only labeled "liberal" seven times total using the same parameters."

A conservative legacy, that's what matters.

Even in a mostly positive article about Trump's pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, USA Today couldn't resist the urge to slip the word "conservative" into the title. The partisan jockeying is just as bad on the Right, and, more important, it's effect is just as misguided. In evaluating Supreme Court Justice candidates, many right-leaning sources have eschewed any qualities short of conservative. A conservative legacy, that's what matters.

What everyone seems to be missing is that we shouldn't want a liberal or conservative, we should want a constitutionalist and someone who understands the Bill of Rights.

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

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