You won't believe who Hillary Clinton just compared herself to

We really should just ignore Hillary Clinton. You know, like you ignore a raving child at the grocery store, or an annoying person in line at a restaurant. If we ignored her, she'd have less power. It's just that she keeps saying such ridiculous things—it's so hard to ignore her.

In an interview with English news source The Guardian, Clinton was asked if she should leave the public spotlight so that the country can move on and, you know, heal. (Great, and accurate implication here: Hillary Clinton's antics are continually enabling millions of Americans to continue the #NotMyPresident delusion.)

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As you would expect, Hillary rose her shoulders, snorted triumphantly, grimaced and said, "I'm sure they said that about Churchill between the wars, didn't they?"

Yes, that's right. She sees herself as Winston Churchill now. According to The Guardian, Clinton uttered the Churchill reference "a fraction too quickly for the line to sound spontaneous."

"It feels like a duty," she continued. "It feels like patriotism, and it feels necessary. I'm not going anywhere," she said.

She won't be going anywhere soon.

Clinton continued: "I mean, I'm not comparing myself, but I'm just saying people said that, but he was right about Hitler, and a lot of people in England were wrong. And Churchill was a pain. He kept popping up all the time."

Which means that she won't be going anywhere soon. So, our best course of action is to be as judicious in ignoring her as possible. Because, at a certain point, it's more than humorous to point out Clinton's continual absurdness.

It's a wonderful reminder that we, as a country, made the right choice. More importantly, it's good for us to remember what pitfalls to avoid.

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