Day of reckoning? Inspector General's report is here.

There's four words that current and former high ranking members of the FBI and DoJ would very much prefer NOT hearing today. We're not exactly sure who yet, but - just to be safe - if you know someone in the FBI or DoJ that was a high ranking member and worked on the Hillary Clinton Email investigation, don't say these words: Inspector, General, Horowitz or Michael. I intentionally mixed up the order a bit so as not to induce any panic.

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Today is the day that the report from the Inspector General on whether the FBI and DoJ mishandled the Clinton Email Investigation is expected to be released to both Congress and the public. The probe hasn't even been made public yet, but it's already claimed one victim. Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was not only fired for his actions, but he's also being considered for a criminal referral. Who else gets caught in Inspector General Michael Horowitz' web is anyone's guess, but people are expecting both James Comey and Loretta Lynch could get burned.

I'm going to hold my judgment until we actually read the report later this afternoon, but if it contains even a sliver of what we're expecting, this could be the most damaging account of political abuse in a government agency in decades. If you're a big TV or movie producer, I hope you've got your fingers on the dial ready to buy the rights, because this story could make House of Cards look tame. You've got Obama's Attorney General possibly conspiring to save their chosen presidential candidate.

This story could be HUGE.

You've got the Deputy Director of the FBI leaking information to the press to cover up his bias, and — to top it off — that bias included his wife receiving cash donations from Clinton allies. The plot lines go on and on, including more leaks from the FBI, leaks from the DoJ, and - to wrap it all up - a bumbling FBI Director that was either acting in incompetence or out of an arrogant need to grab the spotlight.

This story could be huge. Was the DoJ and FBI colluding to save a presidential candidate due to their political bias? We might find out in just a few short hours.

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