Gender wage gap conversation gets a common sense solution from a tennis great

Here's one more reason we very well could be stuck inside some virtual reality version of Alice in Wonderland. Spanish Tennis player Rafael Nadal gave a more reasonable explanation of the supposed "gender wage gap" than any of the feminists, Marxists, or tenured Gender Studies professors that have rallied around the term for decades now. Rafael Nadal, currently ranked number 1 in men's singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals, with enough career titles and records for ten careers, is also apparently the professional tennis embodiment of Jordan Peterson.

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In an interview, Nadal was asked, "In tennis, should women earn as much as men?"

"It's a comparison we shouldn't even make," he answered. "Female models earn more than male models and nobody says anything. Why? Because they have a larger following. In tennis too, who gathers a larger audience earns more."

That is just too much common sense. He must be a Nazi! Hurry up! Take to Twitter!

Wait a minute. Is he saying that 1) the wage gap actually affects women and men, just in different ways and, 2) any disparity cannot be conveniently attributed to systemic misogyny? Wait. The wage gap might be a fiction of 4th wave Critical-Theory-based feminism? And—I can't believe he didn't issue a trigger warning—is he also trying to ask people to be personally responsible for their wages? Is he seriously trying to say that equality of outcome is bad? That is just too much common sense. He must be a Nazi! Hurry up! Take to Twitter! We've got to expose this, evil, disgusting, incredibly logical Nazi!

UPDATE: Here's how the conversation went on radio. Watch the video below.

Is there too much common sense for this to work?

Tennis player Rafael Nadal thinks viewership should determine men's and women's tennis earnings.

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