'I am a feminist too': J.Crew is starting 'em young

Don't you love the headlines every single day now that start with, “People are furious about fill-in-the-blank…"

I know everyone's battling for clicks, but is “furious" really the best description for everything? Apparently “furious" is the new “irritated."

So, the latest thing that people are supposedly “furious" about is J.Crew selling a shirt for boys with a message on the front that reads, “I am a feminist too."

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The fury started last weekend when J.Crew posted an Instagram ad for the shirt with a caption that said, “Start 'em young."

There's nothing really shocking about a big fashion brand pushing progressive causes. It's predictable at this point. And you know it's a progressive cause because in the ad a little boy is wearing the “I am a feminist too" shirt. See? At four-years-old little Johnny is light years ahead of his Roseanne-watching, Republican-caveman classmates in pre-school.

Apparently 'furious' is the new 'irritated'.

Now just imagine for a second, and it will take some serious imagination, that a major apparel company dressed an adorable little boy in a shirt that says, “I am pro-life too," or, “I respect women and I'm pro-life," or even, “I heart the Second Amendment." And then imagine that this company wrote, “Start 'em young!" and posted the ad on social media.

You could roast marshmallows over the flames that would shoot from progressive eyeballs. Sit back, and watch their blood curdle. How dare you indoctrinate innocent children to embrace things like life and freedom!

Tweak the t-shirt message just a little and instantly it goes from being totally hip and acceptable to child abuse. I wish a company had the guts to try it just so we'd have a case study.

But at the same time, just like these “feminist too" shirts have supposedly already sold out, people on the Right would snap up the Conservative message shirts just as fast to make a point.

Meanwhile, no grown-up at J.Crew paused and thought, “You know, the political climate is already toxic enough - maybe we shouldn't drag our pre-schoolers down into the muck too by dressing them up in our ideology."

America has never had so much self-righteousness and so little grace

America has never had so much self-righteousness and so little grace. It's dangerous to have those so out of whack. America better dial down the fury over every little thing, or it's going to blow a gasket.

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