The 'Kim Summit' finally happened, just not the one you were thinking of

The 'Kim Summit' finally happened! Ok, maybe it's not who we expected, but there was a Kim at the White House yesterday and policy was being discussed! I'm talking of course about Kim Kardashian and her meeting with the president regarding prison reform. That just might have been the hardest sentence I've ever had to say while keeping a straight face.

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Is this ridiculous? Um, yeah… pretty much. We just had a reality TV star sit down in the Oval Office to have a serious conversation on prison reform policy… I'm talking about Kim not the president of course. She's the reality TV star I was referring to… OK so technically two reality TV stars sat down to talk policy, but you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, every president in the history of the United States executive office just rolled over in their graves… probably several times.

But I will say this. Sure this is ridiculous, but Kardashian's cause was admirable. Kim first got interested in prison reform after hearing about Alice Marie Johnson. The 63 year old grandmother was imprisoned for acting as an intermediary for drug pushers. There was no violence involved, but her sentence was brutal. She was given life in prison. This nonviolent grandma was handed the same sentence given to murderers and terrorists. Sure, she broke the law, but this hardly seems fair.

It's easy to see the humor in Kim Kardashian going to Washington (that's not a Frank Capra movie) but it's also legitimate to recognize the cause that brought her there.

It's easy to see the humor in Kim Kardashian going to Washington (that's not a Frank Capra movie) but it's also legitimate to recognize the cause that brought her there.

Yesterday was just full of laughs. As I was trying to wrap my brain around this meeting, CNN's Jim Acosta wasn't having any of it. Acosta was irritated at Sarah Sanders for not answering one of his questions, so he went on with CNN's Brooke Baldwin to spew his own Kim Kardashian hot take. He said quote:

“Forget about the fact that Kim Kardashian is here at the White House today and what planet that is anything resembling normal because it's not. She shouldn't be here talking about prison reform."

Hmm, that's interesting. Isn't this the network that gives airtime - seemingly daily - to sixteen and seventeen year olds to talk about gun policy? Does that quote “resemble normal" to CNN and Jim Acosta? It never would have been in the past, but now I guess it's ok. What about the time CNN interviewed Stormy Daniels' lawyer 59 times in less than two months? Does that “resemble normal"?

We've come to expect the abnormal and unorthodox in this new era of politics. Nothing is predictable. The only institution in the country lately that's actually delivering anything predictable is the media. Week after week, day after day, the only thing predictable is their complete lack of consistency.

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