Scattered showers of sanity at the BBC

In case you haven't been following BBC lately, they've often taken a stance that many of us have become familiar with: Preachy, opinionated writing masquerading as journalism. You can guess the ideological bent that these articles often take. So it came as a surprise to see recent comments from Mariella Frostrup, presenter of BBC Radio 4's 'Open Book,' that, while still steeped in opinion, offered a perspective that was contrary to what we hear from the left: She called out the double standard regarding beauty standards.

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Specifically, she noted the accusations of sexism that men face when commenting on women's beauty. Meanwhile, she said she can comment on a "shot of a shirtless, sea-soaked Aidan Turner."

She took issue with the fact that, if men were to do the same thing, they'd be rebuked for it, or worse. “As a woman," she said, “I can own a comment like that without too much fear of censure."

"Indeed, there's an undeniable sense of celebration among my girlfriends at the return of this sultry, tormented character, embodied by a delectable young thespian pleasing all viewing generations. But we live in confusing times and I'm the first to admit to double standards - if a male colleague had penned those preceding lines about any of Turner's equally appealing female co-stars, his cries of contrition would be drowned out by Twitter's Troll Chorus."

A rare bout of sanity and logic from the mainstream media. Let's hope that there's more of it in the future.

She added that “we are losing not only our sense of humor but our sense of proportion as we throw every act of perceived sexism into the #MeToo basket."

A rare bout of sanity and logic from the mainstream media. Let's hope that there's more of it in the future.

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