The enemy of my enemy?: Analysis of Louis Farrakhan's 'praise' of Trump

Did black nationalist Louis Farrakhan praise President Donald Trump in his recent comments? Not exactly.

Farrakhan commended Trump, not for his persona or his policies, but because the radical activist sees Trump as someone who is crushing the “enemies" of black people. Farrakhan listed the media, the Justice Department and Congress among the “enemy" that Trump is fighting against.

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On today's show, Glenn clarified his reaction on Twitter to Farrakhan's comments, pointing out that he has long contended that a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend" policy is a dangerous way to approach the world.

Glenn's tweet was taken as a full agreement with both Farrakhan and commentator Candace Owens, even though Glenn was in fact critiquing Farrakhan's dangerous approach.

“[The media has] taken this as a Louis Farrakhan endorsement of Donald Trump, which it is not …" Glenn said on today's show. “It is 'wait a minute … he's destroying our enemies, so let's not stand in his way.'"

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

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