ORWELLIAN: Tommy Robinson jailed in UK for INSANE reason

Hundreds of demonstrators have been gathering in London this weekend to protest the arrest of Tommy Robinson. #FreeTommy has been trending all over social media. So what's got all these Brits so worked up? And who the heck is Tommy Robinson?

Robinson was arrested on Friday for “breach of the peace." So what does that mean? You're not going to believe this. He actually had the gall to film a group of Muslims outside a courthouse who had been accused of grooming children for sex slavery. This is but one of the many child sex scandals involving Muslim gangs, and Tommy Robinson has been trying to expose them. I mean, can you imagine the bold, unbridled impudence?!

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Robinson was surrounded by multiple police officers and arrested. He would later be sentenced — in record time — for contempt of court, a charge he's actually quite familiar with. Tommy was charged for contempt of court one year ago over a gang rape case also involving Muslim migrants.

The judge was all too quick to get Robinson off the street and booked in a prison cell. He also ordered a media blackout for anyone in the UK looking to report on it. Is it me, or is the UK literally transforming into a George Orwell novel? It's kind of hard to put into words. What are the people in Britain supposed to do if their government: A) won't protect them from Islamists that don't see them has human beings and B) forbid them, and even jail them, for talking about it?

I'll tell you exactly what happens. The UK government is facilitating the rise of the violent far-right and they don't even know they're doing it. Tommy Robinson is no angel. He's a man that resorts to violence and his speech attracts some of the worst of the worst. Now, to his credit, he's abandoned multiple groups that he's started due to them becoming infested with Neo-Nazis and racists, but his speech and methods haven't changed. When your marches have been described as “hooligans versus jihadists" you might want to take a step back and reevaluate.

When people feel backed into a corner, they turn violent.

But the people in the UK and the rest of Europe are quite literally backed into a corner. The threat of some of these Islamist groups is very real, and the governments aren't doing a thing to address it. When people feel backed into a corner, they turn violent. They look to people like Tommy Robinson who are actually taking a stand.

I don't agree with everything Robinson stands for, but I do know that by silencing people — like him — who are trying to shine a light on what's going on, governments all over Europe are setting up a dangerous future.

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