Trump derangement syndrome in the MSM has Glenn wearing a new hat and predicting THIS for 2020

President Trump's approval rating is rising, and Democrats - hilariously - can't seem to figure out what's going on. A few months ago Democrats enjoyed a sixteen point lead over Republicans, but now - according to CNN's recent national survey - that lead is down to just THREE points. National data from Reuters shows it as being even worse. The Democratic advantage moving towards the halfway mark into 2018 shows that Republicans are only ONE point behind. The president's public approval rating is rising, and Democrats are nervously looking at each other like… “umm guys, what are we doing wrong here?"

I'm going to give Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi a little hint. We know that the Left has enjoyed a “special relationship" with the media, but they might want to have a sit down with their propaganda machine. The mainstream media is completely out of control, and Americans are sick of it. We're DONE with the media. Look what has been going on just this week. The president called MS-13 gang members animals, but that's not the story the media jumped on. They thought it was more clickable to say that Trump was calling all immigrants animals instead. In the Middle East, the media rushed to vilify Israel instead of Hamas. They chose to defend A terror organization rather than one of our oldest allies.

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Think about that. The media is so anti-Trump that they've chosen a violent street gang AND A GLOBAL TERROR ORGANIZATION as their torch bearing heroes. Come on Democrats. Are you seriously baffled why the American people are turning their backs on you? Still not enough evidence? Here's the New York Times just yesterday. Charles Blow wrote a piece called 'A Blue Wave of Moral Restoration' where he tried to make the case that the President and Republicans were the enemy, but - fear - Democrat morality was here to save the day. Listen to some of these cases that Blow makes for why Trump is unfit to be President.

“No person who treats women the way Trump does and brags on tape about sexually assaulting them should be president."

Ok, fine. You can make that argument if you want to, but why weren't you making this same argument for Bill Clinton? Never mind, I actually know the reason. Because you were too busy trying to bury the Juanita Broddrick story.

If the media really wants Donald Trump gone and the Democrats to take over, they might want to try displaying a little consistency.

Let's move on.

“No person who has demonstrated himself to be a pathological liar should be president."

Do the words, “You can keep your doctor" mean anything to the New York Times or Charles Blow?

I might have saved the best for last.

“No person enveloped by a cloud of corruption should be president."

I can only think of three words for a response to this: Hillary Frigging Clinton.

If the media really wants Donald Trump gone and the Democrats to take over, they might want to try displaying a little consistency. But hey, maybe that's just too much to ask. How about starting with not glorifying terrorist organizations and murderous street gangs. Could we at least begin there? If not… good luck in the midterms.

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