New Facebook comedy series sets out to normalize THIS issue

Quick, what's the funniest topic you can think of for a comedy series? Whatever your answer is, you're wrong. It's abortion. As any woman will tell you, there is nothing more hilarious than abortion.

At least that's the theory of Roni Geva [Roe-knee Gee-vah] and Margaret Katch. They're the brains behind a new show called 'Ctrl Alt Delete.' They say it's an “abortion comedy" and that they're just trying to normalize it. Abortion, that is - not comedy.

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According to Geva, the idea started ten years ago when she got pregnant and had an abortion. So funny! While at the abortion clinic, she observed a woman talking about all the abortions she'd had. Geva says, “Looking back, I think I was really judgy."

Remember kids, in progressivism, “judgy-ness" is one of the seven deadly sins. Being judgy is strictly forbidden unless someone doesn't share your views about things like abortion. Then you can be as judgy as you want.

Although the show is fictional, each episode is based on real women's experiences having abortions, including the abortion story of the show's co-creator, Margaret Katch.

Geva and Katch say their goal is to “normalize" abortion and change the conversation around it, like the way 'Will and Grace' allowed audiences “to feel like they had a gay friend."

Trying to package abortion as normal, and even funny, is pretty twisted.

Ironically, this abortion comedy series is available exclusively on Facebook. Facebook shut down abortion-related ads in Ireland last week because they didn't want to unfairly influence the abortion referendum there. But in the meantime, enjoy our hysterical comedy series about how abortion is totally normal and everyone's doing it. No bias here, Senator!

Would a comedy series about women who choose not to murder their own baby get equal play time on Facebook or any other major outlet?

Look, if you've ever listened to this show for five minutes, you know I appreciate dark humor. But trying to package abortion as normal, and even funny, is pretty twisted. Remember, there's only a matter of months between a killed baby being considered abortion versus murder. One is acceptable, the other unthinkable. Yet somehow, I doubt these show creators would make a comedy about women killing their newborn babies – that's just not quite as humorous as abortion.

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