Black man bullied by Cheesecake Factory for wearing MAGA hat

Hi, welcome to the Cheesecake Factory. Perhaps you'd like to try our new cheeseburger spring rolls, they're loaded with certified Angus ground beef, slathered with cheese and sautéed onions and rolled into a little spring roll. I know it sounds weird but they're delicious, I eat like five of them after every shift.

Or there's also our delicious new pork belly sliders. I mean, this is the Cheesecake Factory, so you can't really go wrong. Are you ready to order? Oh, you're waiting for one more? Him? That guy over there? The one with the red hat? What's that hat say? Does that say, “Make America Grea—"

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That's right. Keep your Make America Great Again hats away from the Cheesecake Factory. Or at least the one in Dadeland Mall, Miami, Florida, where 22-yeard-old Eugenior Joseph was accosted for wearing a MAGA hat. On Mother's Day, of all days, as Mr. Joseph was having a Sunday meal with his girlfriend's family. It started with one employee, whose “I'm Offended" superpower kicked into rage mode the instant she saw the hat.

According to witnesses, the woman called over fellow Cheesecake Factory employees to help her heckle Eugenoir. One of them puffed up like a bloated rooster ready for a fight. Another employee called Eugenoir, who is black, the heinous word that has been used against black folks for centuries.

Witnesses described the scene as resembling a lynch mob.

It was the last word many black folks heard before they died, usually in a violent way. Witnesses described the scene as resembling a lynch mob, a lynch mob of neatly-aproned waiters and hostesses berating a man for an article of clothing. Even the kitchen employees joined in. Eugenoir tried to leave the table and employees kept heckling him and making threatening gestures. I don't guess that a single one of them picked up on the irony of the whole thing.

That, by acting so ridiculous and bullying, they've converted a whole new wave of people, who are sick of Trump Derangement Syndrome. And how silly and maniacal they must've looked. A lynching in daylight, at the Cheesecake Factory.

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

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