Dem Lefty's are going off the rails

Democrats are feeling desperate. With just under six months to go until the mid-term election, the blue wave isn't shaping up to be quite the tsunami the Left anticipated. So, the party's most radical all-stars in Congress are turning the progressive crazy dial up to eleven.

The loudest congressional Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Sherrod Brown think the best way to battle Trump in 2020 is proposing over-the-top progressive legislation. That's their plan. More unaffordable madness.

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Topping their fringe policy list, of course, is universal healthcare. Next, is the Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act, which has already been introduced by Cory Booker. Under this genius plan, the federal government would guarantee jobs for the unemployed. That one is estimated to cost over $500 billion per year.

Third is a universal basic income. As soon as the Left accomplishes universal health care, this one is guaranteed to be their next pet project. Never mind that it's completely unsustainable in a country this large, with national debt like we already have. When your ideas can't win, just offer voters cash.

Rounding out their fabulous five issues are abolishing the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency, and nationally legalizing marijuana. Does that sound like a plan for a thriving America or what?

This is the modern Democratic Party – proudly nudging America toward socialist collapse since 1912.

Democrats haven't listened to the country or learned a single thing from 2016.

Democrats haven't listened to the country or learned a single thing from 2016. Voters are crying for moderation and realistic solutions, but the Left is offering blank check, pie-in-the-sky promises that they'll never keep.

Ironically, Democrats are ignoring a detailed report from their own party that I've mentioned before about “heartland Democrats." The report is a blueprint to help them win elections, but they don't want to hear its prescription because it calls for dialing back the crazy and moving closer to the center.

People forget that Bill Clinton didn't run as the insane progressive that his wife did in 2016. He was a diehard liberal for sure, but close enough to the middle that half the country could relate to him. Lifelong Democrats in middle America see Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the quasi-Marxists that they are. They cannot relate to the radicals who have hijacked their party.

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