OUT OF CONTROL: Crazy lefty says parents should ask for baby to consent to diaper change.

Imagine being crumbled up inside a womb for months on end. Then being suddenly yanked out into a bright room full of strange beasts. You get used to life a little more each day. It's different, certainly not as cozy, but you work with it. The two fleshy animals that carry you around are pretty cool. One of them feeds you, the other pats your back when you can't sleep. It's a pretty good life. But one thing just isn't sitting right. And when you begin forming words, you might just report it.

It's about the thing they call diapers. Yeah, they're awful. But, you want to know what's even worse than stewing in your own waste? Parental non-consent and oppressive gender roles that allow for the microaggression against an unwilling and helpless victim, in this case, you, a baby.

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You promise yourself that, one day, when you grow into a fully-formed human, after you pick your gender and race and general species, you will make it illegal to assault babies with this non-consensual diaper changing.

Fear not, baby, Deanne Carson, an Australian 'sexuality educator, speaker, and author,' has heard your panicked mumbles! She is fighting for you. Listen to the empowering things she said during an interview on Australia's ABC news network.

In ten years, newborn babies' first meaningful sight will not be their mothers, it'll be a stack of papers. Consent forms. Consent for everything that follows. 'Sign here to exist.' Although, something tells me progressives won't word it like that. You know, because of their stance on abortion?

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