The world is depending on THIS man's success

I think the award for the most busy and important job in the world today goes to Mike Pompeo. He's only been Secretary of State for 14 days and yet he's manning the post of America's top diplomat at a time when war is a very real possibility in multiple places.

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In Asia, he's already traveled to North Korea, not once, but twice. If my math is correct that's around, let's see... this plus that... carry the one. Yep… exactly two more times than anyone from the previous two presidential administrations spanning more than sixteen years. The fruits of those labors have been huge. President Trump may soon be the first sitting US President to sit down with a North Korean leader.

Pompeo returned from North Korea just last night. This time he arrived with three American citizens that had been held captive for years in a North Korean labor camp. The last time the United States negotiated the release of US captives it involved the Obama administration, Iran and a bribe of over 400 million in cash. Newsflash to the dictators of the world… that's not the way we do business anymore.

The Iron Dome surface to air defense system was busy, engaging up to twenty missiles.

But while the potential conflict in Asia seems to be going very well, a second conflict - this one in the Middle East - is beginning to heat up. As Pompeo was arriving in the United States last night, Iran was doing something they'd never done before.

Last night the Iranian Quds Force launched their first attack EVER on Israel from inside Syria. The Iron Dome surface to air defense system was busy, engaging up to twenty missiles. The IDF had been anticipating this attack, and immediately launched a counter attack. It was an all-out strike on every Iranian Quds Force location inside Syria. Up to 50 Iranian targets were struck.

You can bank on the fact that this is merely the opening salvo from both sides. The next war in the Middle East will be Israel and Iran. Did it officially begin last night?

So to Mike Pompeo, probably the busiest and most important man in the world, good luck. We'll be praying for your success. The entire world depends on it.

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