Just another day in Iran: Parliment chants death to America after Trump pulls out of nuclear deal

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the Iranian Parliament chanting 'Death To America' as they burned an American Flag just a few short hours ago. Apparently, they're not too happy with President Trump's decision yesterday to officially pull the United States out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action… also known as the Iranian nuke deal.

I mean, I guess they're not happy, but it's kind of hard to tell really. Burning flags and chanting 'Death To America' or 'Death To Israel' is kind of what makes these guys, well, happy. Let's put into perspective who we're dealing with here. The closing act of every Friday prayer session in Iran is accompanied by a U.S. flag burning and a 'Death To America' chant. They've even made praying for our destruction a national holiday. 'Death to America Day' is every November 4th.

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Now all this was known to the Obama administration two years ago, but he decided to bypass Congress and give these lunatics billions of dollars and sanctions relief anyway. It even included an initial cash payment of FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, which was conveniently paid the same day Iran released four American hostages. By February of 2016, the Obama Administration had paid 1.7 billion to the terrorist regime in Iran… that's 1.7 billion dollars that Iran DEMANDED we owed them… 1.7 billion IN CASH.

You gotta wonder what people like Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice and Samantha Power thought Iran was going to do with all that cash. They sure didn't invest it in their country. Iran's inflation rate is soaring and their economy is in a death spiral. Anti-regime protests have been kicking off all over the country since the first of this year. Most of these protests are over the high price of basic items like butter and chicken. So where has all the money gone?

The Obama administration tried to hand Israel to Iran on a platter. That is his legacy.

Before the nuke deal, Iran was on the ropes. Today, their proxy forces have almost complete control over Iraq, Syria, AND Lebanon. This is what the nuke deal funded. They've marched a clear path straight towards Israel --- their true target right from the beginning. While their ground forces are busy quote 'encircling Israel', they've also been continuing the development of their missile program. You see, this is why the Israelis had such a horrible relationship with Obama. The nuke deal didn't address ANY of these issues, and the only people that would be left to deal with it was Israel.

Yesterday, as the President announced the end of the deal, Iranian ground troops in Syria began positioning for an attack on Northern Israel. The IDF went on high alert and began calling up their reserve forces. Authorities in the Golan Heights instructed anyone living in that area to prepare to move into their bomb shelters. Israel decided not to wait and attacked Iranian positions near Damascus. Eight Iranians were reportedly killed. NONE of this would have been possible were it not for the Iran nuke deal.

The Obama administration tried to hand Israel to Iran on a platter. That is his legacy.

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