You need to read THIS before signing that next tuition check

Have you recently sent your son or daughter off to college and noticed a change in how they view the world? Maybe they used to be staunchly pro-life, but now they’re unsure. Maybe they weren’t political AT ALL, but now they’re coming home on Thanksgiving and debating everyone at the table on climate change, social justice and universal healthcare.

It turns out, there’s a very good explanation for why this is happening. Our children are being indoctrinated, and we’re paying tens of thousands of dollars per student to allow it.

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If you’re the one signing the checks for your child’s college tuition, you might want to sit down before you read these statistics. If you’re driving, just go ahead and pull over to the side of the road (you shouldn’t be reading this while driving, anyway). A new study published by the National Association of Scholars looked at nearly 9,000 professors at 51 of the 66 top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the US.

They found that political bias on college campuses isn’t just a rumor or conspiracy theory, it’s a hard fact. These numbers are absolutely insane. If you remove the two military colleges from the study, the ratio of Democrat professors to Republican professors is 12.7 to 1!

40 percent of these colleges had ZERO registered Republicans on staff. Around 80 percent — EIGHTY PERCENT! — had so few Republican staff members that they were statistically insignificant.

It’s a problem that has been gradually building for decades. The study found that in 1984 around 39 percent of college professors described themselves as Left-leaning. By 1999 that number grew to 72 percent. Today, it’s an all-out dumpster fire.

The numbers look even worse when you break it down by academic field. Wanna know how leftists are so effectively rewriting history? Maybe due to the fact that for every one Republican history professor, there are 17.4 Democrats. Is your child an English major? If so, there are 48.3 Democrat professors for every one Republican. It just gets worse and worse.

“You think bias in the media is bad now?”

But the field with the scariest Liberal to Conservative ratio shouldn’t be a surprise AT ALL to anyone that reads or watches the news. Get this… Out of nearly 9,000 professors and 51 of the top-rated schools, the number of Democrat to Republican communications faculty members is 108 to ZERO. The number of conservative communications professors is actually zilch, zero… nada. You think bias in the media is bad now? We ain’t seen NOTHING yet.

Anyone thinking twice about signing that next tuition check?

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