Crazy like a fox: Kanye is the king of stirring the pot before an album drop

Here’s one thing nobody has talked about: Kanye’s got an album coming out soon. The man knows what he’s doing by throwing our culture into a whirling undertow of identity politics. I’m not saying he doesn’t mean what he’s saying, although some of it is doubtlessly tongue-in-cheek.

What I’m saying is that Kanye does this every time he’s about to release an album. Last time, he went on Kimmel and appeared to lose his mind. Before that, he was effectively banished to Hawaii after his Taylor Swift snafu.

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Kayne is part of a family that has found a way to make millions of dollars for posting selfies on Instagram, which they literally get paid to use. And they’ve found a way to monetize Americans’ emotional reactions. That’s what’s happening here. Every time a pundit or a journalist does a piece about Kanye, it gives his name that much more power. Every bit of offense makes him stronger.

“Kanye West is a contrarian.”

Then, the album will come out, he’ll go on a massive tour, then he’ll vanish again to make another album. It’s what he does. And it’s part of his unique ability to sell himself as a brand, much like Donald Trump has. And, much like Donald Trump, Kanye West is a contrarian. He fights the power, constantly, and he loves riling the feathers of the elite.

And right now, the elite happen to be the bratty, intolerable SJWs running amok throughout the country. For now, Kanye is on your side. It’s up to you whether or not to believe the hype.

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