Joel Corry Talks 'Head & Heart', Remixes & More!

Joel Corry is our Next Up Artist of the Week! He joined EJ for a virtual interview about his song "Head and Heart," remixes and more!

While this has been anything but an easy year, Joel Corry has had major success with his music in 2020.

"Head and Heart" has been blowing up since it released this summer and Joel says he wasn't even planning on releasing the song!

For me, playing my records in clubs is what I do, it's what I've done my whole life. To suddenly think that I was going to release a song that wouldn't be able to get played in a club, I was thinking oh no let's just wait until the clubs open again. Because I didn't think it would be that long. But then reality set in and I kind of realized this is not going to go away quickly at all and it got to the start of summer, and I had the record finished and everything in my body was telling me let's get this out, the world still needs music and this feels like a really positive song that could bring positive vibes to people during this time.

Check out EJ's full interview with Joel Corry below!

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