Salem Ilese Talks 'Mad At Disney' Success, Quarantine + More

Salem Ilese is our Next Up Artist of the Week! She joined EJ for a virtual interview about her song "Mad At Disney", TikTok and more!

If you're on TikTok, then you've definitely heard Salem's song! The song was released in June and has blown up on the popular app and now giving her global attention.

After her team posted the song on a TikTok campaign, Salem said it basically blew up overnight!

I remember on my 21st birthday, I looked and I saw a thousand people used [my song] on TikTok to make a video and I remember thinking this is it, I've made it. This is my peak. And then overnight the numbers just started doubling and it was absolutely insane to see.

The song is now getting more than a million streams per day! The song came about when Salem was talking to her friend Jason who said he was mad at Disney for the new Lion King movie, and the conversation then started an avalanche of being mad at Disney and the stereo types of being a princess. Then the vent session eventually turned into the hit song "Mad At Disney!"

Check out the full interview with EJ below and Salem's acoustic performance of "Mad At Disney".

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