Wallows Talks 'Are You Bored Yet?,' Future Plans and More! | Next Up

Wallows is our Next Up Artist of the Week! They joined EJ for a virtual interview about their single "Are You Bored Yet?", future plans and more!

While in quarantine, Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston have been working on a new EP! Rather than laying low at home, they decided to put more time into their upcoming project.

They're latest single "Are You Bored Yet" has been gaining a lot of attention and has been streamed hundreds and millions of times.

Before this year we never really cared or understood or thought about numbers on the internet, but once 'Are You Bored Yet' started to be on all these charts we're like 'woah'! And then you focus on the numbers and you just think about the amount of times its getting listened to at one time or per day. It started to blow our minds! It's just weird being apart of that conversation and on all these charts... it's fun. It opened up a whole new world to us of the music industry that we never thought of before, but it's not what we focus on. We're still just completely focused on what we're doing next.

Check out the full interview with EJ and an acoustic performance of "Are You Bored Yet?" below!