Next Up Artist Of The Week: Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow is our Next Up Artist of the Week! He joined EJ for a virtual interview about working his mom introducing him to rap, the success of his song "What's Poppin'" and more!

Something people may not know if what Jack's mom is the one who first introduced him to rap. She had just read a book Outliers, which popularized the theory that the secret to greatness is 10,000 hours of practice. So when his mom told him he needs to practice for 10,0000 hours, that's exactly what he did when he was 12.

She had CDs laying around. So when I wanted to study and see how hip hop came to be, I could go back and listen. She has the whole Outkast discography, she has Public Enemy, Montell Jordan... she has all the classics from the 90s. But I was also 12 in 2010, so rap was already eating up. I was a pre-teen so that's what everybody was listening to anyway.

"What's Poppin'" is one of the biggest songs out right now and when the remix of the song came out, Jack got some of the biggest names in hip hop to jump on.

Check out the full interview below!