'Charlie's Angels' Cast Revealed

Pitch Perfect 2 director and star Elizabeth Banks as the director has been announced as the new director for the latest Charlie's Angels reboot. It was also announced that she will be playing the role of Bosley, who was recently played by Bill Murray and Bernie Mac. Twilight series star Kristen Stewart , Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska will play the butt kicking angels. Scott was in the last Power Rangers reboot and Balinska is a relative newcomer having been in some small roles in their native Britain. 

You can watch the clip of Banks making the announcement that she will helm the directors chair below:

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart/Getty Images

Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott/Getty Images

Ella Balinska

The last time the angels were brought to the screen was courtesy of Executive Producer and star of the films Drew Berrymore. The trio was completed by Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz who is responsible for one of the greatest dance scenes ever captured on film. 

No word on a release date yet but we will keep you posted. Are you excited to watch these angels kick some butt?

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