Dave's Dilemma Answers

Play Dave's Dilemma weekday afternoons at 1:40 for the chance to win prizes. This week's winners get a $20 Freddy's gift card!

4/9/19 (NAME THAT TUNE TUESDAY) "Livin' On A Prayer" Bon Jovi!

4/8/19 (MOVIE MONDAY) The Princess Bride!

4/5/19 (DAD JOKE FRIDAY) National Deep Dish Pizza Day...How do you fix a broken pizza? With tomato paste!

4/4/19 (THINKING CAP THURSDAY) National Burrito Day...Why can't you trust burritos? They tend to spill the beans!

4/3/19 (WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING WEDNESDAY) What was Jennie Garth's character's name on Beverly Hills 90210? Kelly Taylor!