This Week's Weird News 5/14/21

A bevy of Neanderthal bodies discovered in Italy, a case of 'foreign accept syndrome' out of Australia, and the first crop circle of 2021 are among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week featured something of a paranormal milestone as the first crop circle of 2021 was found in the United Kingdom. Embossed into a field of rapeseed in the village of Stanton St Bernard, the curious formation consists of a series of triangles that some observers have likened to an origami pinwheel. Officially marking the start of crop circle season in the United Kingdom, the design is undoubtedly the first of several strange and mysterious formations which will appear throughout the world over the next few weeks and months, raising the seemingly age-old question of whether they were made by humans or visitors from another world.

One of the weirder stories we've seen in a while came to us this week by way of Australia, where a woman recovering from tonsil surgery discovered that she had inexplicably acquired an Irish accent. Angie Yen could not believe her ears when she woke up 10 days after the seemingly routine operation and noticed that her voice did not sound quite the same. Eventually, it was determined that her Australian accent had transformed overnight into the speaking style of someone from Ireland. Although not diagnosed by doctors yet, Yen understandably believes that she developed the rare but very real condition known as ''foreign accent syndrome.'

In what has been hailed as an "extraordinary discovery," archaeologists in Italy unearthed the fossilized remains of a whopping nine Neanderthals that met a particularly gruesome fate thousands of years ago. The remarkable specimens were found in a cave that had been sealed off from the world following a landslide 60,000 years ago. According to researchers who have examined gnaw marks on the bones, it is believed that the unfortunate Neanderthals had actually been preyed upon by a pack of hyenas that dragged them into the cavern which served as their den.

For more strange and unusual stories from the past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website.

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