This Week's Weird News 3/12/21

An unsettling spate of sinkholes that have been appearing in Croatia, a mysterious creature photographed roaming the streets of Brazil, and a Canadian man who mysteriously received a stuffed three-headed duck in the mail are among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this past week.

This past week brought news of a rather worrisome situation unfolding in Croatia, where a massive earthquake caused a series of sizeable sinkholes to form, seemingly setting off a chain reaction wherein the spontaneous pits just keep appearing. The weirdness began back in late December when a 6.4-magnitude tremor rocked the country and then, shortly thereafter, people spotted some curious chasms in the ground. In the weeks and months that followed, the sinkholes just kept forming to the point that there are now nearly 100 of the pits found throughout Croatia so far. Like something out of a Hollywood disaster movie, people in the region are understandably on edge as no one is quite sure when or where the next sinkhole will appear, but they're hoping it's not beneath their feet.

One of the weirder mysteries we've seen in a while crossed our desk this week courtesy of a Canadian man who was bewildered when he opened a package that he had received in the mail and discovered that it contained a taxidermic three-headed duckling. Even though the shipment was addressed to him, Brent Braaten has no idea why the bizarre stuffed bird was sent to him and he is certain that he never ordered the curio. Suspecting that he is being pranked by a friend or, worse, cursed by an enemy, the man has nonetheless 'adopted' the oddity and even went so far as to fluff its feathers using a blow drier as prescribed in the 'directions for care' that actually came with the three-headed creature.

Easily the most puzzling story of the week came by way of Brazil where social media in the country was buzzing about a pair of curious photographs purportedly showing a 'mystery creature' lurking the streets of a city. The diminutive beast, which appears by itself in one image and alongside a pair of cohorts in another, seems to sport long arms and vaguely resembles a chimpanzee. Observers online offered a variety of theories as to what the creature could have been, including the aforementioned chimp hypothesis as well as that it was some kind of cryptid or even a man in a suit roaming the streets to scare people into adhering to a government-mandated curfew to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

For more strange and unusual stories from the past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website.

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