This Week's Weird News 3/5/21

An amazing ancient chariot unearthed in Pompeii, a fantastic space hotel that could be operational in just a few years, and a gruesome discovery made by some ghost hunters in England were among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to pop up on our radar this past week.

This past week saw news of a remarkable archaeological find from the ruins of Pompeii, where researchers unearthed a nearly intact ceremonial chariot unlike anything ever found in Italy. Experts who have been working on excavating the vehicle for the last few weeks marveled that it still sports its wheels, iron frame, and ornate bronze and tin decorations that lined the sides of the horse-drawn carriage. Historians believe that the chariot was what was known as a pilentum, which was a vehicle expressly used for events like festivals and weddings. The discovery was somewhat fortuitous as the vehicle narrowly missed being found by looters who had actually dug tunnels around the artifact in search of plunder.

In a particularly tantalizing story from this past week, a proverbial interstellar construction company announced plans to begin work on what would be, we presume, the galaxy's first space hotel. Dubbed the 'Voyager Station,' the ambitious facility is envisioned as a 650-foot diameter ring-shaped structure that would reside in low Earth orbit and rotate in a manner that generates artificial gravity akin to that found on the moon. With construction set to start in four years, the company behind the project hopes to welcome its first guests by 2027. However, before you start daydreaming about what such an experience would be like, it's worth noting that a three-and-a-half-day stay at the space resort will cost an estimated $5 million.

By far the most bizarre story of the week came by way of England where a pair of ghost hunters exploring the grounds of an abandoned hotel stumbled upon a human skull. Danny and Felicity Duffy could not believe their eyes when their search for spirit activity led them to the unsettling human remains which they initially thought was perhaps a toy prop. However, they were disabused of that notion when they somewhat foolishly picked up the skull to examine it and realized that it came from some unfortunate individual. In a sign of the times, the paranormal investigators later posted a YouTube video from their one-of-a-kind evening including the shocking moment when they made the macabre discovery.

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