Tantalizing Tasmanian Tiger Photo Teased

A Tasmanian Tiger researcher has sparked something of a frenzy in the cryptozoological world with the bold claim that he has procured a photograph which will confirm that the said-to-be-extinct thylacine actually still roams the Earth. The shocking assertion was made by Neil Waters of the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia in a YouTube video posted earlier today and provocatively titled 'We Found a Thylacine.' In the hastily filmed dispatch, he muses that "I've probably been acting a bit weird" for the last few days and then makes a rather jaw-dropping revelation.

According to Waters, he had been checking the memory cards of game cameras that the group had placed in the wilderness of Tasmania in the hopes of spotting a thylacine and, in the process, he discovered "some photos that were pretty damn good." The researcher goes on to declare "I know what they are and so do a few independent expert witnesses" who have seen the pictures. Waters also indicates that the images have been sent to wildlife expert Nick Mooney, who is considered the preeminent analyst of alleged thylacine evidence.

More on this story, including what the photos purportedly show, at the Coast to Coast AM website.