This Week's Weird News 2/19/21

The arrival of NASA's Perseverance Rover on Mars, a Ukrainian man who confessed to a fake murder in order to have his road plowed, and a woman in England who stumbled upon an eerie 'doll altar' were among the weird and wondrous stories to cross our desk this past week.

While this winter has proven to be particularly problematic for many people across America, the season drove one man in Ukraine to drastic measures after he found himself stuck inside his house for days following a storm that left his road covered in snow. Desperate to have the area cleared, he came up with a rather ill-advised way of making it happen by calling the police and claiming that he had just murdered his stepfather and wished to turn himself in for the crime. The catch, of course, was that the cops would have to plow his road in order to take him into custody. As one might imagine, officers were not amused when they arrived on the scene and, as such, charged the man with filing a false police report.

The search for evidence of life on Mars took a huge step forward this week when NASA's Perseverance Rover made its long-awaited landing on the Red Planet. The $2.2 billion craft, which is the size of a small car, will soon embark on a two-year-long mission using an array of sophisticated instruments and sensors to scour the Jezaro Crater for indications that the location may have once harbored life of some kind. Perseverance may also make history when it deploys an autonomous helicopter which, if it successfully takes to the Martian sky, would be the first-ever interplanetary flight by a human craft.

By far the most unsettling story of the week came by way of England, where a woman walking her dog in a forested area stumbled upon dozens of dolls that were fastened to trees. Found in an infamous patch of wilderness known as Cannock Chase, which boasts a history of odd activity and was once the dumping ground of a serial killer, the eerie discovery appeared to be an altar of some kind as the toys were arranged in a circle around a snow-covered board with candles sitting atop it. To the woman's credit, she actually returned to the location the following day to capture video of the spooky scene and the footage is pure nightmare fuel.

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