This Week's Weird News 2/12/21

A 'mystery monolith' in Turkey that turned out to be a publicity stunt, a 'Sasquatch shadow' that fooled police in Pennsylvania, and a heavy metal musician who crafted a guitar out of his uncle's skeleton were among the weird and wondrous stories to cross our desk this past week.

In what we can only imagine was a very odd coincidence, this past week saw two separate countries fool their citizens by way of elaborate hoaxes that ultimately were revealed to be creative celebrations of their respective space programs. First, in the United Arab Emirates, two Martian moons were projected over the city of Dubai, sparking something of a UFO panic until it was revealed to be the elaborate stunt aimed at generating excitement about the country's Hope Probe spacecraft, which was set to arrive in the atmosphere of the Red Planet a few days later. Meanwhile, in Turkey, a new 'mystery monolith' had people wondering if the weird 2020 fad was making a comeback until the Turkish government took credit for the piece at a press conference announcing their new space program.

This past week saw a pair of stories centered around police officers encountering what initially seemed to be an unsettling scene, but ultimately turned out to be rather amusing cases of mistaken identity. In Pennsylvania, cops out on a late-night patrol thought they saw the shadow of Sasquatch on the side of a home until they took a closer look and realized it was a well-crafted projection using a spotlight and a Bigfoot statue. Later in the week over in the Netherlands, Amsterdam police passing through a park stopped in their tracks when they spotted what appeared to be a dead body on the ground. Fortunately, their fears proved to be unfounded when they got a closer look at the 'remains' and discovered that it was actually just a too-realistic-looking snowman.

Easily the weirdest story of the week came by way of Florida, where a heavy metal musician fashioned a guitar out of his late uncle's skeleton. The colorful rocker, who goes by the name 'Prince Midnight,' acquired his loved one's bones after the medical school in Greece, where they had been used for educational purposes for decades, decided that they no longer needed the professionally preserved remains. After going through all manner of red tape to have the skeleton sent to America, the musician wasn't quite sure what to do with it until he fondly remembered how his uncle introduced him to heavy metal music. This led Prince Midnight to fuse the man's spine and rib cage with a Fender Telecaster guitar to create the 'Skelecaster,' an actual working and undeniably macabre instrument.

For more strange and unusual stories from the past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website.

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