Library Puzzled by Baked Potato Mystery

The staff of a library in Massachusetts are asking the public for help in solving a strange mystery centered around, of all things, baked potatoes. According to a local media report, the curious case came to light last week when the Wayland Free Public Library took to Facebook with a rather odd tale. "The front lawn of the library has been accumulating what appear to be perfectly lovely baked russets this week," they announced, explaining that a pair of the potatoes had inexplicably been found outside the building seemingly left there over the course of a few days.

Library director Sandy Raymond noticed the original spud and was then left scratching her head when a second potato appeared later in the week. Initially thinking that perhaps someone had simply moved the first potato, she quickly realized that, in fact, there was a potato mystery brewing at the building. "None of us can imagine how they got here," the library wrote and jokingly wondered if the spuds were "part of a rare potato migration?"

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