Video: Virgin Mary Chalk Drawing Mysteriously Reappears After 13 Years

In a strange story out of Mexico, a drawing of the Virgin Mary which was created using colored chalk back in 2007 has mysteriously reappeared. Pictures of the artwork, which is located in a parking lot in the city of Guadalupe, reportedly first appeared online last week with many social media users wondering where it had originated. Amazingly, it was ultimately determined that the drawing had been done by an artist during a festival which was held a staggering thirteen years ago.

Suffice it to say, the reappearance of the drawing is being seen by many as some kind of miracle since the artwork has only recently been seen and no one can explain how it could have possibly endured for so long since, as any parent with children who play with colored chalk can attest, such creations generally last for only a short period of time before they are wiped away by the elements. The spot in the parking lot where the Virgin Mary can be seen has now become something of a sensation as visitors have flocked to the location to pray and light candles.

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