This Week's Weird News 10/2/20

Several Loch Ness Monster sightings, a possible breakthrough in the search for the legendary lost Amber Room, and a chain of discount stores in England under fire for selling Ouija Boards are among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

After months of barely being seen due to travel restrictions around Loch Ness, the site's legendary monster is having something of a moment as multiple sightings of the creature made news this past week. A couple visiting the site last weekend claimed to see an odd form which they described as "the size of a bus" emerge out of the water, while another witness named Monika snapped a photograph of a strange disturbance on the lake moments after seeing a similarly large object break the surface before submerging. Nessie was also possibly filmed by a husband and wife out walking their dog around the iconic Scottish landmark, suggesting that the famed cryptid just might be emerging from its own quarantine.

The longstanding mystery of what became of the famed Amber Room stolen from a Russian palace by Nazis and then lost following World War II took an intriguing turn this week when it was revealed that divers off the coast of Poland had discovered a downed steamer ship which just may contain the missing treasure. The vessel, dubbed Karlsruhe, set off from nearby East Prussia as part of a massive evacuation mission by the Third Reich in 1945 as Russian forces advanced on the area, but subsequently sunk and sat at the bottom of the Baltic Sea until being found this past April. Contained inside the huge ship, divers say, are numerous yet-to-be-opened crates which could contain the ornate gold and wood paneling which has eluded treasure hunters for decades.

With the start of October, Halloween season is officially underway and with it comes the usual strange stories that often surround this spooky time of year. First, over in England, shoppers at a chain of discount stores were aghast to discover that the shops are selling Ouija Boards for only one pound as part of their seasonal offerings. Fearful of what might happen if the devices fall into the hands of children, people online are now calling for the incredibly inexpensive 'talking boards' to be pulled from the shelves. Meanwhile, a delivery driver in Arizona got quite the fright when he went to leave a package in front of a home and was startled by an animatronic Halloween decoration that leapt out of a chair at him.

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