Creepy Clown Frightens British Town

In an indication that creepy clown season may be upon us, residents of a community in England are on edge following a pair of incidents in which people were menaced by a haunting harlequin. The bizarre case reportedly occurred last Thursday in the town of Kingswinford when a couple encountered an individual described as wearing clown face paint and sporting fake 'horror' teeth. They initially assumed that the man was en route to a birthday party or some similar engagement until they got a closer look at him and realized that was almost certainly not the case.

According to one of the witnesses, the off-putting stranger was shirtless and "he was laughing like a clown and had knife scars on his belly." After asking the couple if he knew them and being told that they did not, the haunting harlequin departed the scene in his car. "It was a scary experience for both of us," the man who met the clown recalled, "I went out last night and spent half the time looking over my shoulder."

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