Giant 'Dragon Stone' Found in Arkansas

A sizeable and scaly object resembling some kind of giant egg was recently discovered in Arkansas and sparked considerable speculation online as to the nature of the bizarre oddity which, it turns out, may wind up being quite valuable. According to a local media report, pictures of the weird find were posted to the Facebook group Arkansas History Unearthed by man named Drew Baledge. Along with the strange images, he wrote that an acquaintance had stumbled upon the mysterious object in a field and asked "what, if anything could this possibly be?"

As one might imagine, given the nature of social media, there was no shortage of suggestions from people in the group. A turtle shell, fossilized dinosaur scat, and a mushroom were among the more prosaic responses, while one imaginative individual posited that perhaps it was an alien egg. Others were more concerned about what became of the two-foot-long object as opposed to what it was, cautioning against cutting into it or bringing it inside of a home.

Find out what the object turned out to be and how the finder may wind up wealthy thanks to their discovery at the Coast to Coast AM website.