Watch: Tourist Posing for Photo Breaks Statue at Italian Art Museum

Art aficionados in Italy are fuming following an unfortunate incident in which an Austrian tourist visiting one of country's museums wound up snapping the toes off of a 200-year-old statue while posing for a photo atop the piece. The bizarre case of inadvertent vandalism reportedly occurred at the Gipsoteca Museum in the community of Possagno last Friday afternoon when the unnamed individual was admiring a plaster model which had been used by artist Antonio Canova to create a marble sculpture titled 'Paolina Borghese Bonaparte as Venus Victrix.'

Apparently quite enamored with the work, the tourist made the ill-advised decision to climb onto the piece and pose for a photo with it. However, the weight of the somewhat stout museum patron was apparently too much for the plaster model to bear as three toes broke off of the foot of the woman depicted in the sculpture. In a somewhat amusing piece of security camera footage showing the incident, the man can be seen realizing what he had done, nervously walking around in front of the piece for a few seconds, and then making a hasty retreat from the scene.

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